ENDLESS® MX72 Plus Brake Pads (RCP015-MXPL)

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ENDLESS® MX72PLUS is a ceramic carbon metal brake pad with reduced performance loss due to high temperature. And it has exquisite control characteristics for compact car to large displacement car. MX72PLUS is focus on circuit driving. It has Stable braking force and good control characteristics further than the MX72 in the high temperatures and high load condition.

Recommended for the following driver:
Those who want to maintains braking force at high temperatures further than the MX72
Those who wish to use on streets, highways, circuits and all-around
Those who value control during circuit driving

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 11 cm
Part Type



Thickness: 17mm
Temperature Range: 50-750℃
Friction Coefficient: 0.39-0.47
Friction Materials: Ceramic carbon metal


ENDLESS® products are developed and tested on JDM specification vehicles. For other markets’ fitment verification, please contact our sales team.


1set x Brake Pad

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